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Christmas red floral wedding arch and florist

I am Fiona, the florist behind your flowers!

My workshop is based on a beautiful mediaeval farm in Rockbourne, on the boarder between the New Forest and Salisbury, & this is where I create your flowers. Seeing the ebb and flow of the farming year from planting through to harvest is a constant reminder of natures cycle. The seasons and the natural landscape around me is the inspiration I use to create flowers that will be as unique as you are.

From bouquets to buttonholes and beyond.

Following the seasons means that many of the flowers I use are British and sourced as locally as possible. From weddings and events to farewell flowers and Christmas, I can add flowers that hold childhood memories or have special meanings to your bouquets and arrangements. There is no book to choose from , I will work with you to create flowers that are truly bespoke to you.

In a world where every little helps in reducing our environmental impact, my designs are made using reusable, recyclable or fully compostable materials.

Alongside my own weddings and freelancing for other florists, I offer a 'pay by the hour' option for advice when planning your wedding florals. And with 20 years in retail before I became a florist I also support retail florists with business reviews and development.

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